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6 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Friends

Travelling to new places are some of the most rewarding experiences that we have.

Whether we go alone or with a big group of friends, it creates new ideas and experiences that we could never get at home. Whilst some people prefer to travel solo, there are many benefits that you can only get when travelling with friends. COTA Holidays organise trips for all sorts of travellers, but we often find that those who travel with friends say they wouldn’t do it any other way.

We have found 6 of the best reasons to consider travelling with friends the next time you head overseas.

Experience new things

When travelling by yourself, it can be very easy to find yourself doing very similar things in every place you visit. When travelling with friends though, they will often have their own activities that they want to try that you may not have previously considered.

A local cooking class, a hot air balloon trip or a day of horse riding along a beach could be the best experience about your holiday that you would never have tried if your friend wasn’t there to suggest it.

Forge stronger friendships

One of the best parts about travelling with friends is the stronger friendship that develops out of the experience.

You will share incredible and unique moments and learn new things together throughout your travels. You will be able to talk with them about it during the trip and for years to come. Even when things might go wrong, you will come through it together and be closer because of it. This can form the basis of a lifelong friendship and be the start of many more holidays together in the future.

Someone to talk to

Travelling is full of exciting adventures, new experiences and relaxing in paradise. However, it also includes long journeys between destinations, flight delays, broken down transportation and waiting in queues.

Having a friend to talk to can make this time more enjoyable, especially when you can talk about the things you have done and the places you are excited to travel to next. Whilst you could just read a book, often human company is exactly just what you need to make those boring situations fun.

It’s more affordable!

Travelling in groups can be much more affordable than travelling alone.

Booking out an apartment or holiday home can work out as much cheaper accommodation than if you were paying for a room yourself. Many activities often become cheaper when being booked by multiple people, and car hire becomes much more affordable when shared among friends. In addition, having a friend you’re comfortable enough to share a room with is a fantastic way to avoid having to pay the single supplement on your accommodation.

Share packing space

It can be incredibly annoying to get to the airport and find out that you will have to pay extra money to the airline because you have slightly over-packed your bag and it is too heavy. If you travel with a friend, you can share items such as toiletries, sunscreen, phone chargers and even certain clothes.

You might also find that your friend is one of those rare types of people who doesn’t pack the maximum amount of luggage allowed. As long as you aren’t carrying your luggage around all the time, they will likely be fine with you putting some of your clothes in their bag.

Safety and support

Travelling with others can offer an added level of safety compared to when you are travelling by yourself. If you are travelling to a country or city that has a relatively high crime rate, being with others can be a deterrent to criminals who might target you otherwise.

Even if you are going to a relatively safe place, a friend can be relied on to watch your bag and also remind you that cars drive on the other side of the road (trust us, everyone forgets this at least once).


Travel buddies also offer a level of support if something should go wrong during your travels. It can be easy to become frustrated and upset when problems arise, and friends can help you address the issue whilst also providing moral support.


If you want to find someone to travel with but don’t know where to look – maybe your friends and family have different destinations on their lists – check out our post for tips on how to find a travel buddy.