You cannot beat a homemade gift! Its personal, shows a lot of thought and effort, becomes a keepsake for the gift receiver and it can also be an economical option. So this year why not add a DIY touch to your Christmas gifts! We look at some great ideas to inspire your creativity and get you making gifts this year. We think you will enjoy it and maybe even save some money in the process!



Food is always a great idea as a gift. Everyone loves a special treat and if you are a whiz in the kitchen you are sure to not disappoint with this type of gift. Why not try one or more of the following ideas:

  • Baking Christmas goodies such as cookies, slices, shortbread and gingerbread is a great idea for those who love baking.
  • Making chocolates or fudge is a great no-bake option.
  • Nuts of all sorts make a great gift, sugared nuts, chocolate coated, salted, spiced and nut brittle.
  • A fun gift is a recipe jar. Using a jar, layer all the dry ingredients to a cake or biscuit recipe, seal and tag it with recipe instructions and a list of wet ingredients to add to make the recipe.
  • Condiments, such as homemade jams, pickles and fermented items make a great gift, and a great idea for gardeners who have the produce in their garden to use.
  • Flavoured salts, herb mixes and rubs make a great gift in smaller jars. Make the BBQ enthusiast in your family a range of BBQ rubs, they will love it!

Make sure to package your food in re-usable jars, festive decorated cake tins, or just fancy wrapping such as cellophane. Try and upcycle the jars in your own home, like jam or coffee jars, if you can.


Home décor

Give a creative gift that someone can add to their home or garden that will remind them of you.

  • Christmas decorations are a great homemade gift that can be used every year. Some ideas include a DIY snow globe, Christmas tree decorations made from felt, craft wood or beads, a Christmas garland or table decoration.
  • Potted plants are an easy and popular gift. You can even decorate pots with craft paint to make more of a statement. Either way all you need is a terracotta pot, small plant, some soil and decorative pebbles and you have a gift that keeps on giving!
  • An extra step further to potted plants, is a terrarium, look for an online tutorial.
  • Gather some old vases from an op-shop and paint them using special craft paint. Match them to your friend or family members home décor, favourite colour or style and this will make it even more personal.
  • Home-made art or framed photos are always such a lovely sentimental gift. Why not try your hand at some creative photography and print and frame these images as gifts or try some abstract art on a blank canvas.
  • If your handy with wood, you might make something like a wooden bird feeder or bee house for the garden.


DIY hampers

Make up your own hamper to save money and make it completely individual. Store bought hampers, while beautiful, are very expensive. A good way to start is by choosing a theme for your gift hamper(s), such as a coffee lover, BBQ boss, foodie, car lover, chocolate lover or a pamper pack, then find the products to suit the hamper.

Not every hamper needs to be put in an expensive basket or tub – consider using a gift box or a gift bag. Put some pretty paper in the bottom of the basket or box and then add in all the hamper items and wrap with cellophane and ribbons. For example, a car lover hamper could include a car washing sponge, chamois, car cleaning products, car deodoriser, car interior cleaning wipes and more.



Gifts of service are great for those that have everything. Create your own redeemable vouchers for services such as cooking dinners, a car wash, a massage, mowing the lawns, walking the dog, cleaning, or gardening.

This can include things like taking your grandkids camping or out for the day or a movie or dinner date. With unlimited options, a gift of service or time can be a lot of fun while also being useful.


Other ideas

  • Cards, gift wrap and gift tags can all be homemade, there is no need to make just the gift, when you can make it all.
  • Use iron on transfers to make personalised socks, t-shirts, tote bags, aprons and more.
  • Other craft types can be used or learnt, there are many online or local short courses that can teach all sorts of skills. Candles, bath bombs, beauty products, leather products, sewing and crochet are just a few of the ideas.

Still want more ideas? Simply go online for endless ideas to inspire your DIY Christmas this year!