Great Ways to Travel Solo – and Stay Safe Image

Great ways to travel solo – and stay safe

Reduce the risk of something bad happening during your travels. Keep these 4 essential travel tips in mind for staying safe when you travel solo.

Solo travel can offer the most rewarding travel experiences. Spending time alone abroad is a great way to go at the exact pace you want and pursue sights and activities that you love. Without worrying about other people’s needs.

However a common concern when travelling alone is safety, and  rightly so. But a bit of common sense can go a long way. We have compiled a list of tips for solo travellers to help you stay safe on your next trip, indulge yourself fully, and experience everything your way.


Join a tour group

It is widely known that there is safety in numbers. Beyond that, joining an organised tour takes a lot of the stress out of the process for you. It’s a great way to meet new people and many companies cater specifically to older travellers. But watch out for tours that charge hidden fees for single travellers. Do some research and find the companies that resonate with you and value solo. Better yet, opt for tour operators who match you up with a companion of a similar age and interests.


Activity-based travel

Activities while you’re abroad give you the opportunity to experience culture and local life in a new place and get you out of your comfort zone. They are becoming more and more popular around the world. Travellers are increasingly seeking authentic experiences that aren’t so “touristy”. You meet new people, as they are often done in groups, with similar interests and are often open to meet up again later. Take a cooking class in Napoli, a photography walk in Barcelona, or learn a new painting technique in Copenhagen. Activities are often hosted by locals who will help you with safety insights, clue you up on common ways tourists are targeted and advice the safest areas to visit.



Cruises are appealing, because you can visit new destinations while travelling in comfort and luxury with people your own age and with families. Your hotel travels with you as you stop in ports and have the opportunity to explore them. Cruise companies often organise activities to help you make the most of the stopovers. The amenities are often excellent, and you have everything you need for a relaxing journey. With staff and fellow cruisers readily available to help you if you need anything, cruises are considered a very safe way to travel.


Take your four-legged companion

There is increasing evidence-based research coming out on the mental health benefits of living and travelling with your pet. Hotels and resorts around the world are offering more and more options for travellers with furry companions. Forget about organising a pet-sitter or leaving your dog at the kennel. Bring them along and enjoy options ranging from budget to luxury that will give your companion a travel experience equal to yours. With their company you will feel safer and more likely to appear like a local. Plus you have the added fun of a new bonding experience for you to share.


And before you set off on that trip of a lifetime, make sure you have your COTA Travel Insurance organised before you go, so you have peace of mind if something goes wrong, like travel delays or medical emergencies overseas.*


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