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How to maximise your layover

No matter your mode of transport, we all usually experience a lengthy layover on our travels at some point. Sometimes a layover can be long enough to allow you to go sightseeing in the closest city or have enough time to get a hotel to spend the few hours sleeping or relaxing. However, that isn’t always the case and maybe you can’t get a visa to allow sightseeing and you are stuck in a foreign airport (or similar) until your next flight.

Layovers don’t have to be boring, here are some tips to maximise that time and make your layover a more pleasant experience.


In case of a long layover, you have the perfect opportunity to get out of the airport and wander in the city, explore the main sights of the city and visit their historical places. But make sure you don’t go too far and allow for your transit time. You don’t want to get yourself in trouble being too far away or getting lost and missing your next flight. Ensure you have a map with you.

Local cuisine

If you haven’t got enough time for sightseeing or cant leave the airport, you can still indulge in the local cuisine. Look for nearby restaurants offering traditional food and experience the local delights – or dine in the airport.

Airport lounge

If you’re looking for a comfortable layover, an airport lounge may be perfect for you. You may have a credit card that includes access to airport lounges or you could buy a day pass and get access – see here for other ways to get access to airport lounges. Airport lounges usually include free food and drinks, Wi-Fi access and sometimes sleeping and showering amenities.

Window shopping  

If you love shopping, there’s no better place than the Duty-Free shops at the airport. You can take samples of fancy lotions, perfumes, chocolates, or even buy trinkets to bring home. Generally, the cost of things at duty-free shops is lesser than what you would pay in your home countries, however, sometimes, items can be pricey. Airports also usually have a wide range of retail outlets for shopping and killing time.

Airport attractions

Some airports have well-curated museums and art galleries that are free to view. Look up the airport’s website in advance, to see if there’s anything interesting to be explored during your layover. Some large airports even have special amenities or tourist attractions. It could be a wonderful way to spend your spare time.

Travel admin

Use your layover time to plan your current or next holiday or to journal all the experiences you have just had. You can also write postcards (and maybe even send them) while in transit. Sorting through your holiday photos is another way to maximise this time and saves you doing it when you arrive at home. You can catch up on your emails or social media and send emails / messages to friends about your travels. And using the time to charge your technology is always a smart idea.

Sleeping pod

If you don’t have enough time or money to book a hotel and the airport doesn’t have a connecting hotel, you can still get some rest by booking an airport sleeping pod or minute suite. They are becoming more and more popular in airports, especially the major airports, and can be booked by the hour to allow for the time you have.


Hopefully these tips will help you maximise your time on your next lengthy layover and make the time less boring!