Lisa and Daniel Keep Travelling Despite Health Setbacks Image

Lisa and Daniel keep travelling despite health setbacks

Lisa and her partner Daniel love to travel and try to get away as often as they can. Their time together has become very precious since Daniel, now 60, suffered a massive heart attack ten years ago. At that time, Daniel’s health became a stumbling block for the couple’s overseas travel plans. Even after he had recovered, they were continually refused when applying for travel insurance.


“We tried four different insurance companies. Each one asked for his cardiologist’s letter of assurance that he was safe to travel”, said Lisa. “Despite the all clear, we could not find anyone to insure him” but this all changed when their friends suggested they call COTA Insurance for a quote.

“My friend’s 88 year old father used COTA Insurance when he went back to his native Poland – so I called them the next day.”


“The process was easy, as the consultant walked me through all the coverage questions. After going through the process and supplying the letter from our cardiologist, our policy was approved. Once again, we were able to fly to visit family and friends overseas. Since then, we tell everyone about COTA Insurance. We are getting on with living our lives. We intend to travel often, and we want others to do the same.”


Travel Insurance and existing medical conditions

According to COTA Travel Insurance Manager Tim Van Every, their travel policy automatically covers over 40 existing medical conditions as part of the standard cover.

“This includes conditions such as congenital blindness and deafness, anaemia, and under certain conditions, asthma, diabetes and hypertension.

“For other conditions, there is a medical screening process to determine if they can be covered as a specified medical condition and what additional premium and excess would apply. These include any heart conditions, neck and back conditions, and metastasised cancers. The screening process will establish if coverage can be provided, and under what terms and conditions.”


Tim states that over the years, COTA Travel Insurance has insured many people who travel with pre-existing conditions.

“Our aim is to assist those who wish to travel, and ensure that they are protected. Our staff are ready and willing to talk to anyone with medical conditions that wish to travel, to see if we can assist.”


At COTA, we believe you’re never too old to travel. We have no age limits for single trip travel policies and as a not-for-profit insurance agency, all of our profits go back to the community. To get a quote on your next trip, call us on 1300 1300 50 or fill out our online form for an instant quote.