Meet the Team: Mandy Image

Meet the team: Mandy

This month, our Membership Supervisor Mandy (Amanda) clocks up 10 years with the COTA Insurance team! If you’ve been lucky enough to speak with her on the phone or in person, you’ll know she’s the true embodiment of service with a smile.

What’s your role at COTA Insurance?

My job is to look after our members. While some customers have a transactional relationship with us – they buy insurance for their car, house or when they are jetting off overseas – many of them are also members.

As Membership Supervisor, I’m here to promote the benefits of becoming a member and administer the membership activities. It costs just $34 to join and support the important work of COTA Australia wide.


What drew you to work for COTA Insurance?

My previous roles were in the banking and local government sector in England, so I loved the idea of interacting with older Australians and working for a not-for-profit organisation. I started here in December 2009 after moving to Australia and I’m still happy to be part of this incredible team.


What’s something you like to do when you’re not at work?

Family is important to me and I love nothing more than going out for a walk with my ‘third child’ Eddy, our Jack Russell/Foxie cross. I also travel back to England to see my mum whenever I can. I also try to squeeze in a trip to Italy to visit my sister in law with her partner: we all have a family holiday, including them, my mum, my husband’s parents, my youngest son, my husband and me. Our last holiday was based around a Tuscan villa.


What do you think makes COTA Insurance different to other insurers?

The people that work here are experienced and friendly and genuinely care about our customers. I can’t tell you how often we go the extra mile to help. What really makes it a good experience for our members and customers is that we’re allowed to take all the time needed. Our call centre isn’t big, but our hearts are. None of our people believe in setting time limits on calls like many call centres do. I’m proud to know that you’ll never feel rushed into making a decision about insurance when you talk to us at COTA Insurance.


What’s something people might not know about COTA Membership?

Our organisation supports the important work of COTA Australia wide. COTA advocates, informs and influences government, the business sector and the community for better outcomes for people over 50. Funds from COTA Membership support these important activities for older Australians.


Can you describe a time when you were really proud to work in the COTA Insurance team?

I am proud to work here every day. Hearing my friends and colleagues on the phone, I and am thankful that we have such a great relationship with our members and customers as well as with each other. I have worked in COTA Membership and the COTA Insurance team for almost ten years and that’s what keeps me here.

We have many repeat customers and referred friends and family coming to us for their insurance needs. This is a testament to the quality of our service and products. They keep coming back for more.

I am very proud of the work we do here.


How would you describe what someone can expect when they talk to COTA Insurance about their insurance needs?

You’ll get good old fashioned service from someone who is genuinely there to help you. Our people are professional yet friendly, with a cracking sense of humour and sense of pride in doing a great job. This is no ordinary call centre. You can ask to speak with the same person every time you phone and we use our real names.


Is there anything else you’d like to say to someone considering using COTA Insurance?

We know a call centre experience can sometimes make you feel like a number. That doesn’t happen here, we don’t see you as just another call. We want to help keep you and the things you care about safe, whether it’s at home or overseas on holiday. We are insurance with a conscience. I wouldn’t insure with anyone else.


Mandy is one of many people that make COTA Insurance different to the experience you’ll get with for-profit insurers. Call us on 1300 1300 50 and ask how we can help you today.