Its summer time and there are so many things to do. With the long sunny days and daylight savings, in most states, there is more time to do all the things you love! Here are some summer activity ideas to inspire you this month!


Visit the beach

A day at the beach can be as relaxing or as active as you want it to be. If your local area has a drive on beach, pack the car with shades, boogie boards, grand kids and of course lunch for a fun filled day. Alternatively take a daily stroll down the beach with your pet and/or a friend. The options are endless when it comes to going to the beach. Just remember to be sun smart.


Go fruit picking

Visit a local farm that lets you do fruit picking, such as strawberry or berry picking, apple orchards or cherry picking. There are many farms across Australia that offer fruit picking, do a search online for your area.


Become a photographer

Take your camera or phone out and about and take some photos of summer! Close ups of the summer garden, butterflies or plants. Panoramic of the beach, the country or outback. Portraits of family members and friends. These can make great gifts and you may even end up framing some for your own home.


Watch a movie under the stars

There are outdoor cinema’s in most capital cities, all with a range of movies from old to new. Take a rug, cushions and snacks and enjoy the entertainment and weather. Here is one option for outdoor cinemas nationally-


Day with the grand kids

Take advantage of good weather and take a day trip to the zoo or local wildlife park, have a picnic at the park, build sandcastles at the beach or if it’s really hot take them to the cinema to see a family movie.

Play mini golf, fly a kite, throw a frisbee –  anything to create memories that will be treasured by you all.


Get creative

Make your own Christmas cards or Christmas decorations. You could also make Christmas gifts for family and friends. Whether that be a potted plants or a homemade preserve a homemade gift is more personal and can save you money. Go online for ideas; Pinterest is a great source of creative inspiration


Go wine tasting or brewery browsing

There are wineries and breweries in many regions around Australia, all boasting a broad range of food and drink for a lovely day out. Get together with family and friends and visit one or more wineries / breweries nearby. While you are there try and buy some of the local produce, to support your own local small businesses.


Pack a picnic

Pack all your favourite foods in a picnic hamper and grab a picnic rug and head to a local park or national park. Include a leisurely stroll or a more vigorous hike in your day and then enjoy your picnic. Beach picnics are also fun! Invite family or friends to make it more of an event!


Try a new activity

Trying something new is a great way to expand your mind and develop new skills. Why not take up a new summer sport – perhaps lawn bowls, or if you are really game, learning to surf or a stand up paddle board. Go snorkelling or kayaking, maybe even fishing on your local jetty.


Do something old school

Why not do something that you used to do in your younger years, a good old fashioned activity. Like one of the following ideas:

  • Go to the drive in
  • Go camping or sleep out under the stars
  • Attend an outdoor event, like a live sports game, music festival, even an amusement park
  • Play cards or a board game
  • Go bowling
  • Spend the day at a museum and/or art gallery
  • Visit a national park for the day
  • Fly a kite
  • Go snorkelling
  • Have a BBQ with friends.


Learn a new skill

Take a free class at your local hardware store to learn a new DIY skill, anything from gardening to woodwork is usually on offer. Local community centres often have free or low cost classes to participate in, maybe beekeeping, computing or a new craft is on your list of things to learn?


Plan a getaway

Plan a short trip or weekend away in your own state. Take advantage of local accommodation and tourist attractions. It will help you refresh after a long year, help local tourism and create so new memories.


Attend a summer concert or show

Summer is a popular time for outdoor concerts, fairs, and festivals that feature a wide range of music, dance, and arts performances. Go to a show or concert that interests you, either with friends or alone. It’s can be a great way to meet new people and enjoy the fun outdoors.


Garden or farm visits

Visit an open garden or farm that is open to the public. Admire the gardens or the farm animals. Walking through an open garden or visiting a farm can be quite therapeutic by getting back to nature in a calm and fresh environment.



If you have spare time and want to help others and feel good doing it, then volunteering is perfect for you. There are endless volunteering opportunities to take advantage of. Contact churches, schools, libraries, non-profit organisations and charities to start with, and see what opportunities are available for you. If you have special expertise you could consider mentoring or teaching. There are many ways to give back to your local community, you may just need to find the perfect way for you.