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Top reasons to cruise

The popularity in cruise holidays was on the increase, pre-covid, with many people choosing to cruise more than once. Now cruising is coming back with bigger and better ships and facilities, with more destinations and options. We look at why cruising is so popular,  maybe even make you want to book your first cruise!

Cruise for convenience

A cruise is a floating hotel, you only need to unpack once and you are taken from port to port with all the cruise luxury between destinations and without all the stresses of conventional travelling.

Cruise for value

Cruises can be great value as they include everything you need, food, accommodation, most on board activities and daily entertainment, while also including the transport. Because of all these inclusions, it is easy to budget for the costs that aren’t included, such as alcohol, pampering, optional dining, shore excursions and shopping. Your daily cruise cost can be a lot lower than a normal holiday.

Cruise for the activities

Cruises have so many on board activities to keep you entertained on cruising days. There are activities for all ages, kids and adults. You can get involved as much or as little as you want. No one will be bored on a cruise.

Cruise for the dining

Cruise holidays are known for their dining experiences, some with world-renowned chefs on board. With inclusive dining and an increase in the variety of alternative food options also being available on-board there is variety and a budget to suit everyone. There is also a new food experience awaiting at each port destination!

Cruise for the social connection

Cruises can be a great way to meet new people. You can meet people from all over the world or your hometown while dining, at the bar, participating in activities or just hanging out by the pool. Of course if you prefer a romantic intimate cruise that is fine too, it’s up to you how social you want to be.  

Cruise for the group and family benefits

The option to holiday with your family (and even grandchildren) or a group of friends is a great idea for a cruise. It is easy to organise and the variety of entertainment and activities on board will keep everyone happy as will the port day experiences, all creating memories to last a lifetime.

Cruise for the options

There are so many options for cruising holidays, with tropical island cruises, Antarctic cruises, European river cruises, adventure cruises – the destinations and cruise styles are endless. You can also choose a special interest cruise, family cruise or adults only cruise. It is almost guaranteed that there is a cruise to match any criteria you like.

Cruise for the comfort and ease

Cruises are a simple and easy holiday to book, one that requires little planning. You don’t have to worry about cramped flights, transfers and different hotel bookings for each destinations It’s all there for you, with all the facilities and entertainment you need.