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Write a bucket list

Having dreams is part of what fuels our hope and drives our ambitions, at any age. And a bucket list can be a compilation of those dreams, desires, and goals that we have kept close to our hearts, waiting for the right moment to bring them to life. Here we aim to help you with the joyous and reflective process of writing your own bucket list, to ensure it resonates with your deepest/biggest dreams and aspirations.


Why a Bucket List?

For seniors, a bucket list is far more than a checklist of things to do. It’s a celebration of life, a testament to enduring curiosity, and a commitment to engaging with the world in profound and meaningful ways. It’s also a fantastic avenue for self-expression, a way to summarise lifelong desires or newly sparked interests.

Creating a bucket list can also provide clarity, helping to distil what truly matters to you. It’s an opportunity to reflect on past achievements and to seize the day with both hands, perhaps discovering new passions or reviving old ones along the way.


Where to start?

When you are poised with pen in hand, ready to write down your aspirations, it might initially seem daunting. Here are a few prompts to ignite your inspiration:

  1. Revisit your youth

Think back to your younger days. Were there dreams you had that, for one reason or another, you didn’t pursue? Maybe it was learning to play a musical instrument, writing a novel, or travelling to a specific country. Now could be the perfect time to rekindle those dreams.

  1. Embrace new experiences

Consider what experiences you’ve never had but wish to encounter. This might include witnessing the Northern Lights, going on a safari, or even skydiving. The idea is to step out of your comfort zone and live the adventures you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Learn and grow

Continual learning keeps the mind sharp and the spirit alive. Perhaps there’s a subject you’ve always wanted to study or a skill you’ve wanted to master. Learning new things can also lead to new hobbies, new friends, and undiscovered joys.

  1. Give back

Many find a profound sense of fulfillment in helping others. Your bucket list could include volunteer work, mentoring, or even starting a community project. It’s about making a difference in a way that speaks to you.

  1. Personal milestones

This could be anything from celebrating a significant anniversary with a rejuvenating vow renewal ceremony to writing personal letters to each of your grandchildren. Think of milestones as markers of love, legacy, and life lessons.


Making it Happen

Having dreams is one thing, but taking the steps to realise them is another. Start by choosing one or two items from your list that are most doable and begin planning. It helps to break down each item into smaller, actionable steps. Remember, the goal here is not to rush through your list but to savour every moment and cherish the experiences.

Additionally, share your bucket list with your family or friends. Not only does this hold you accountable, but it also invites your loved ones to be part of your adventures, either by supporting you or by joining in.


Writing a bucket list is an enriching process that can breathe new excitement into life, remind us that age is but a number, and it’s never too late to pursue our dreams. Whether it’s about revisiting long-held desires, discovering new passions, or leaving a legacy, each item on your bucket list stands as a beacon of hope and adventure.

Start today, and remember, the aim is not to diminish life’s length but to enrich its breadth. Every day holds potential for beauty, learning, and growth. Your bucket list is simply your roadmap to the extraordinary moments yet to come.



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